Am I Ready ?

Should there be so much hype surrounding Transition Year? People tell crazy stories from when they were 16, how lucky they were to have done the 4th year in school, and, how much they learned along the way. I am a very curious person and never back down from a challenge, so the solution to... Continue Reading →

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Best Autumn Basics!

Summer is officially over. These four words would have had one of three impacts on you; depending on who you are, you have either read those words and have refused to give up your sweet sunshine daydream, yelled with joy and began making mental notes of everything you need to do in the remainder of... Continue Reading →

My September Highlights

The month of September is a busy one for each and every one of us. Personally, I like to see it as a second chance at a new year; yes, January is the beginning of our year on Earth, but September holds so much opportunity.

A Glance Into Another Life.

The National Ploughing Championships is the biggest outdoor event in Europe. As a city girl, I had no idea what to expect when arrangements were made for my school year to attend the opening day on Tuesday the 19th of September. From broken ice cream to a constant game of Marco-Polo, I thought that it... Continue Reading →

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